Custom Swing Tags

Custom swing tags, hang tags & swing tickets.
Essential Branding

A vital element of your garment branding.

Custom swing tags offer a distinctive and impactful way to showcase your brand identity and enhance the presentation of your clothing. These tags, also known as hang tags or swing tickets, are personalised to reflect your unique style, message, and branding.


Tags that enhance your brand.

Brand Visibility
Increases brand recognition and visibility.
Brand Cohesion
Contributes to a cohesive brand experience.
Enhanced Value
Enhances the perceived value of the product.
Essential Information
Carries essential product information.
Sustainable Goals
Can align with brands sustainability goals.
Marketing Medium
Serves as a marketing medium.
Custom printed swing tickets and hang tags.

Personalised hang tags to match your individuality.

From standard printed swing tags to more elaborate designs, well-designed tags contribute to brand recognition and customer experience.

Various paper options plus materials such as cotton, metal and leather.
Fully customisable in terms of size, shape, print colours and design.
Processes such as print, spot UV, lamination, foil block and distressing.
Finishing options that include numerous styles of eyelet, cord and safety pin.

Find our full design guide on our resources page.


Swing tickets aligned with your sustainable goals.

By utilising sustainable materials and printing methods, sustainable swing tags can reduce the ecological footprint compared to traditional tags.

Sustainable papers plus materials such as organic cotton and aluminium
Print with eco-friendly vegetable based (soy) inks.
String, cord and seal options produced using recycled material.

More on our sustainability page.

Sustainable swing tags.
Key Information

Minimum Order

Minimum order quantity for custom swing tags starts at just 1,000pcs per design or option.

Lead Times

Lead times are approx. 16-18 working days for sampling and 18-21 working days for bulk orders.


Prices are quoted for individual designs and specifications. We do not offer a fixed price list.

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