Custom Polybags & Mailers

Custom branded polybag mailer.
Brand Canvas

A lasting impression from protective packaging.

Transform the way you ship and showcase your products with our custom polybags and mailers. Created to not only provide a protective shield for your products but also serve as a canvas for your brand personality.


Taking your packaging to the next level.

Brand Visibility
Increases brand recognition and visibility.
Brand Cohesion
Contributes to a cohesive brand experience.
Enhanced Value
Enhances the perceived value of the product.
Sustainable Goals
Can align with brands sustainability goals.
Helps create a positive customer experience.
Offers protection to the product from damage.
Custom mailing bags and polybags.

Make your packaging as distinctive as your brand.

Create visually appealing designs that align with your brand for your shipping or product protection needs.

Styles include clear and frosted polybags and solid colour mailers.
Choose a material thickness that best suits your specific usage requirements.
Fully customisable in terms of size, colours and design.
Closure options such as adhesive strip, zip lock, grip seal and snap closure.

Find our full design guide on our resources page.


Showcase your dedication to sustainability.

Minimize environmental impact compared to traditional polybags and mailers with sustainable materials.

Bags produced with up to 100% recycled material that are also recyclable after use.
Bio-based (corn-starch) compostable bags that are 100% plastic free.

More on our sustainability page.

Sustainable polybags and mailing bags.
Key Information

Minimum Order

Minimum order quantity for polybags and mailers starts at 5,000pcs.

Lead Times

Lead times are approx. 18-21 working days for sampling and 25-30 working days for bulk orders.


Prices are quoted for individual designs and specifications. We do not offer a fixed price list.

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