Custom Cord Ends & Toggles

Custom branded cord ends and toggles.
Personalised touches

Add finesse and individuality to garments and accessories.

We understand the importance of every detail in expressing your brand's uniqueness. Our custom cord ends and toggles are designed to provide functionality and aesthetic appeal to various items like clothing, bags, or accessories with drawstrings or cords.


Aligned with your brand vision.

Brand Visibility
Increases brand recognition and visibility.
Brand Cohesion
Contributes to a cohesive brand experience.
Sustainable Goals
Can align with brands sustainability goals.
Key function on garment
Provides a crucial function on the garment or product.
Custom cord ends and toggles for clothing.

A unique way to add further branding.

Several styles of branded cord ends and toggles are possible, each offering unique appeal and functionality.

Cord ends in metal include open-end, crimp, capped and screw styles while options are also possible in TPU and plastic.
A range of metal toggle styles available plus options in leather and rubber (PVC/silicone).
Designs are typically engraved, embossed or printed, although this will depend on material/style.
Custom made in terms of size, colours and design.

Find further design help on our resources page.


Ends and toggles in eco-friendly aluminium.

Some styles of cord end and toggle can be produced in aluminium material, which is considered to be a more environmentally friendly material choice.

Production of aluminium generally involves fewer harmful chemicals compared to other metals.
The material is highly recyclable.
Typically requires less energy than other metals to extract and process.

Read more on our sustainability page.

Aluminium eco-friendly cord ends and toggles.
Key Information

Minimum Order

The minimum order quantity for cord ends and toggles starts at just 1,000pcs.

Lead Times

Lead times are approx. 14-16 working days for sampling and 16-18 working days for bulk orders.


Prices are quoted for individual designs and specifications. We do not offer a fixed price list.

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Custom branded cord end clothing.