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Leather Patches

Elevate your brand.

Leather patches are traditionally used on the waistband of jeans but are also popular for branding all types of garments and accessories. We produce leather patches in real and faux materials as well as paperette for a cost effective alternative.

Real Leather

Real leather produces a high-end, durable label. Designs are typically hot-stamped (sunken), embossed (raised) or printed, but you can also combine with metal trims or embroidery.

Our custom leather patches can be pre-washed, but as leather is not colourfast, some colour loss or transfer is to be expected, especially on lighter garments. Faux leather provides a safer alternative if this is likely to be an issue.

Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs

Faux Leather

For a cost-effective alternative to real leather, our custom faux leather (PU) patches have the look of leather but are more wash friendly, being less prone to shrinkage and loss of colour. As with real leather, designs can be hot stamped, embossed or printed.

Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs


Paperette patches are an economical option often used as a jeans back patch. These hard-wearing labels are available in a range of colours with screen-printed designs.

Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs

Need help with your leather label designs?

Our design guides cover all of the specifications that you need to consider when designing your trims, while our showcase PDF’s display a wide range of examples to help inspire. Download both from our resources page.

Design Resources

We would love to hear about your leather label requirements. If you have artwork files to attach, please send us an email to the below address.

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