Custom Sew-on Buttons

Custom branded sew-on buttons.
Finishing touches

A valuable component, elevating overall garment aesthetics.

Sew-on buttons are more than just functional elements, they contribute significantly to the visual appeal and individuality of clothing, making them an integral part of garment design.


Subtle yet effective brand ambassadors.

Brand Visibility
Increases brand recognition and visibility.
Brand Cohesion
Contributes to a cohesive brand experience.
Sustainable Goals
Can align with brands sustainability goals.
Key function on garment
Provides a crucial function on the garment or product.
Custom made sew-on buttons.

Add a refined touch to garments.

You can create custom sew-on buttons that not only serve their functional purpose but also add flair, personality, and uniqueness to your clothing.

Material options include metal (alloy), plastic (polyester), shell*, horn*, corozo* and wood/bamboo*.
Styles that include 4-hole, 2-hole, slot, eyeleted, fish eye and shank.
Fully customisable in terms of size, shape and colour/finish.

Find our full design guide on our resources page.

*Available in real and imitation alternatives.

Go green with eco-friendly buttons.

Sew-on buttons produced using recycled or natural materials can play a significant role in reducing the demand for new materials and lowering carbon footprint.

Recycled buttons containing 25% recycled polyester material.
Coconut buttons produced from the shells - a waste product of the food industry.
Corozo's natural harvest and biodegradability make it among the most sustainable materials.

Read more on our sustainability page.

Sustainable sew-on buttons custom made.
Key Information

Minimum Order

Plastic & Other Materials - from 3,000pcs.
Metal - from 1,000pcs.

Lead Times

Lead times are approx. 14-16 working days for sampling and 16-18 working days for bulk orders.


Prices are quoted for individual designs and specifications. We do not offer a fixed price list.

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Custom sew-on buttons.