Sustainable Branding

With a heightened awareness of the environmental challenges we face, we are committed to aiding brands in minimizing their impact. We consistently strive to provide sustainable and eco-friendly options throughout our range of labels, trims and packaging, contributing to the well-being of our planet.

Eco-friendly clothing labels, trims and packaging.

A commitment to responsible sourcing.

Our approach to helping brands with their sustainability endeavours involves a dedicated focus on:

Items produced using recycled or recylable material.
Using materials from renewable or plant-based sources.
Biodegradable materials that when composted, will degrade and leave behind no harmful substances.
Printing with vegetable based inks that are environmentally friendly and allow paper to be more easily cleaned for recycling.
Reducing impact through waste reduction and energy-efficient processes and practices.
Sustainable swing tags and labels.

Embracing lower-impact materials.

We are continuously looking to support customers in making more environmentally responsible choices by offering eco-friendly material options throughout much of our product range.

Sustainable papers for swing tags and packaging.

Sustainable Papers

Recycled papers and papers sourced from forests that are responsibly managed.

Recycled polyester for clothing labels.

Recycled Yarns

GRS certified polyester yarns produced using recycled post-consumer waste material.

Organic cotton for clothing labels.

Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton grown naturally without using harmful toxins, fertilizers and pesticides.

Recycled leather for clothing patches.

Recycled Leather

Recycled real and synthetic leather material produced from pre-consumer waste.

Recycled plastic for trims and packaging

Recycled Plastic

GRS certified plastic material produced using recycled post-consumer PET waste.

Bio-plastic for apparel packaging.

Bio-Based Plastics

Bio-based plastic alternative produced from renewable plant material such as corn-starch.

Natural materials for sew-on buttons.

Natural Materials

Sustainable natural materials from renewable sources such as corozo, bamboo and coconut shell.

Used for Sew-on Buttons
Aluminium for clothing tags and cord ends.


An endlessly recyclable material that is non-toxic, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Global Recycling Standard
Global Organic Textile Standard
TUV Compost Standards

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