Custom Snap Fasteners

Custom snap fasteners
Stylish Closures

Functional fastenings that elevate branding.

Branded snap fasteners are subtle yet recognisable brand markers. They reinforce brand identity without overpowering overall garment design. Manufactured from both brass and alloy materials, offering a diverse selection of styles and finishes to suit your unique requirements.


Upholding your brand's premium image.

Brand Visibility
Increases brand recognition and visibility.
Brand Cohesion
Contributes to a cohesive brand experience.
Enhanced Value
Enhances the perceived value of the product.
Durable & long-lasting, resistant to wear.
Function on garment
Provides a crucial function on the garment or product.
Branded custom snap fasteners for clothing.

Snap buttons that enhance brand appeal.

Create branded snaps that seamlessly integrate into your product, elevating both its functionality and visual appeal.

Caps produced in either brass or die-cast alloy material.
A range of styles, utilising a variety of underparts to cater to diverse preferences and needs.
Customisation in terms of cap size, shape and design.

Find our full design guide on our resources page.

Metal Finishes

Colours and finishes to complement your brand and garment.

Custom snap fasteners caps can be plated in an array of metal colors, offering a spectrum from standard finishes to polished or distressed options.

Additionally, we can match colours to Pantones for enamel and rubber coated finishes.

Read more on our .

Metalware colour chart for snap fasteners.
Zippers Guide
Key Information

Minimum Order

Minimum order quantity for branded snap buttons starts at just 1,000 sets per design.

Lead Times

Lead time approx. 16-18 working days for sampling and 18-21 working days for bulk orders.


Prices are quoted for individual designs and specifications. We do not offer a fixed price list.

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Custom snap fasteners for apparel.