Rubber Labels

Our custom made rubber clothing labels can be produced from PVC or silicone and are predominantly used for outer branding on garments and accessories. There are a range of styles available to ensure you have an effective, eye-catching label for displaying your brand image.

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Styles & Materials

Fully Injection Mould

Produced in either PVC or silicone, our fully injection mould labels provide a durable, eye-catching label with a soft feel.

Injection Mould onto fabric

As an alternative, you can have an injection mould PVC or silicone logo on a different base material such as cotton or felt.

TPU Labels

TPU material is an environmentally friendly material that is soft against the skin and is often used on items such as swimwear and underwear.

Silicone is a more environmentally friendly option than PVC , however, our PVC passes Phthalate testing requirements and is suitable for all types of garments

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