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Responsible Trim Sourcing

With an increased understanding of the damage we are doing to the environment, we are here to help brands reduce their impact with a more friendly range of labels trims and packaging that are produced from sustainable and renewable resources.

Eco Range

As we become increasingly aware of the damaging environmental effects non-recyclable materials can have, consumer buying habits have altered. In turn, brands are looking to amend their offer accordingly, with a greater focus on products that are recyclable, reusable, biodegradable or use sustainable resources.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of garment labels, trims and packaging that can have a lower impact on the environment.


FSC Papers

Paper products such as swing tags and tissue paper can be produced using FSC certified papers. FSC certification ensures that the material comes from a forest that has been managed in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way.

There are 3 types of FSC paper - FSC Mix, 100% FSC and FSC Recycled, with FSC Mix being the most common as 100% FSC and FSC recycled often come with high minimums.

Additionally, most items can be printed using vegetable (soy) based inks which are not only more friendly than traditional inks but also are easier to remove for paper recycling.

Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or potentially toxic pesticides. Our factory is certified with OCS 100 (Organic Content Standard) which verifies the cotton is over 95% certified organic material.

As with printed paper items, organic cotton can be printed using vegetable (soy) or water-based inks.

Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs

Recycled Polyester Woven Labels

We create woven labels with up to 100% recycled polyester threads, with GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification. The labels are fully custom made to your specifications and the appearance does not differ from regular woven labels.

Global Recycling Standard Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs

Bio-Based Compostable Polybags

Our composable polybags are produced from a bioplastic called PLA that is derived from corn-starch. They are plastic free and use half the energy to produce and generate half the amount of greenhouse gases compared to traditional plastic.

They conform to European packaging directive EN 13432 regarding composability and carry OK Compost certification. The polybags will degrade to carbon dioxide, water and biomass (organic material) and leave behind no harmful substances.

Compostable Certification Minimum Order Quantity: from 10,000pcs

Eco Buttons

We can produce GRS certified sew-on buttons that have 20% recycled content combined with polyester. The content can be plant fibres such as corncob or recycled pre-consumer polyester.

Global Recycling Standard Minimum Order Quantity: from 3,000pcs

Aluminium Trims

Aluminium is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet as it is 100% recyclable, used over and over again without any loss of quality. Additionally, the energy saving of recycling aluminium, compared to producing the raw products is around 95%.

Within our eco range, we offer a range of lightweight accessories and trims such as cord ends, stoppers and toggles produced from Aluminium alloy.

Reycled Minimum Order Quantity: from 1,000pcs

We would love to talk about how we can integrate sustainable trims in to your garment branding. If you have any questions or would like quotations on sustainable items, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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