Outerwear Branding Guide

Our extensive product range includes a number of items that are perfect for
outerwear branding including badges, snap fasteners, sew-on buttons,
cords, toggles and adjusters.

Badges often found on the sleeve or chest can be an eye catching way to brand outerwear. Various materials and badge styles such as PVC, embroidered and printed allow you to create something to suit your design and brand.

Embroidered badges . Transparent PVC badges
Embroidered on felt base . Felt badge with injection mould
Chenille embroidery patch . Injection mould silicone badge
Printed & embroidered badge . Print & stitch layered patch
Injection mould PVC badge . Injection mould on felt base

Snap fasteners are a popular functional item on outerwear. Adding branding can be a great way to add value to your garment. We offer styles in brass and die-cast alloy with s-spring and ring spring underparts.

Enamel colour brass cap snap (s-spring underparts) . Brass cap with brushed nylon finish (s-spring underparts)
Brass cap 2-colour snap (s-spring underparts) . Die-cast snap with a pearlised finish (s-spring underparts)
Rubber coated brass snap (s-spring underparts) . Die-cast alloy snap fastener (s-spring underparts)
Die-cast rubber coated snap (s-spring underparts) . Die-cast snap fastener (ring-spring underparts)

As an alternative to snap fasteners, sew-on buttons are often used as closure. A number of styles are available and all can be customised with your own branding.

Flame edge plastic 4-hole button . Plastic ribbon slot button
Plastic 4-hole button . Plastic 4-hole button
Eyeleted imitation corozo button . Plastic 2-hole fish eye button
2-hole coconut button . Plastic 4-hole button

For a main zipper closure, or pocket zipper, a custom zipper pull can add further value. With a number of materials, styles and finishes available, there are many possibilities for your own designs.

Injection mould PVC puller with metal core & loop . Enamel colour metal puller with slider
Metal zipper pull with rusted finish . Leather zipper pull – hot stamped
Metal puller with reversible slider . Faux leather zip puller with metal loop
Leather zip puller – hot stamped . Enamel colour metal puller
Metal zipper pull with slider . Injection mould PVC puller with cord

A number of styles of cord end and toggle are available with branding opportunities across all items. We can also produce a full range of cord styles in various materials.

Rubber coated toggle – elasticated branded cord . Metal cord end – enamel colour
Leather pig nose – hot stamped . Metal ring – engraved logo
Metal cord end – engraved logo . Metal cord end – engraved logo
Rubber coated 2-hole cord stopper . Eyeleted leather pig nose – hot stamped

Some additional branding ideas include oversized woven neck labels, branded eyelets, cuff tabs, invisible zippers, and heat transfers.

PVC cuff tabs . Large leather neck label – foil design
Large woven neck label . Silicone heat transfer
Branded PVC cuff tabs . Silicone heat transfer
Invisible zippers . Brass metal eyelet . Enamel colour brass eyelet
Metal buckle – laser printed logo . Large woven neck label

It would be great to hear your outerwear branding requirements,send us an email and let’s discuss your specific requirements.


To see our full product range of garment labels, trims and packaging, visit our website.


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