Jeans Branding Guide

Our extensive product range includes a number of branded items that are key for jeanswear from outer branding such as jeans buttons, rivets and leather patches, to a variety of internal labelling.

Alongside being functional, jeans buttons and rivets offer a way to add value and promote your brand. Both items are available in die-cast alloy and brass and in a variety of styles to suit your style and design.

Alloy jeans buttons & brass rivets . Die-cast alloy open top jeans buttons
Die-cast alloy open top jeans buttons . Brass nipple rivets with capped nail
Brass inverted nipple rivets . Epoxy coated die-cast rivets . Alloy jeans button & brass rivets
Open-top die cast jeans button . Brass open-top jeans button

Traditional leather waistband patches can add authenticity to your denim garments. Faux leather alternatives allow you to create a cost-effective patch without losing this key element of branding.

Real leather – metal decal attached . Faux leather – rivet attached
Printed paperette label . Faux leather – hot stamped
Real leather – hot stamped . Real leather – hot stamped
Real leather – hot stamped . Printed & stamped paperette
Real leather – hot stamped . Faux leather – printed & stamped

Overriders and pocket flashers can provide key information about the garment such as style, fit or size while allowing further opportunities for re-enforcing your brand image.

Plike card overriders . Paper overriders – print & embossing
Printed cotton overriders with paper header . Paperette pocket flashers
Foiled paper overriders . Printed cotton overrider
Printed paper overrider . Paperette pocket flasher

As with overriders & flashers, inner labelling can provide key information about the garment such as size, fit and wash instructions, but remain a fixed part of the garment, presenting further branding opportunities.

Printed polyester satin care label . Woven fit and brand labels
Printed leg size stickers . Woven brand, fit & size labels . Woven size labels
Woven brand & care labels . Woven fit and brand labels

Our decorative embroidered jeans patches are supplied with a heat applied glue for easy application.

It would be great to hear your jeans branding requirements,send us an email and let’s discuss your specific requirements.

To see our full product range of garment labels, trims and packaging, visit our website.

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