Woven Label Design Guide

Woven labels are an essential part of garment and accessory branding so to ensure we produce the perfect label for your requirements, we have compiled a handy design guide.

Woven clothing labels are produced using weaving looms. These looms weave polyester yarns to create logos and designs before being cut and folded as required. Our guide to designing your woven labels includes information on qualities, size, design & colours and cut and fold options.

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There are 3 main qualities of woven label - damask, satin and taffeta.


Damask is the most popular label quality and offers the finest detail in terms of design. They provide a high quality label with a smooth, soft texture and are suitable for all types of garment and accessory branding.


Offering a very soft and smooth feel, satin woven labels are often used on children’s wear and women’s apparel. While providing a luxurious looking label with a shiny appearance, there are some limitations regarding design which mean they are not suitable for all designs and uses.

Firstly, they do not offer the level of detail that damask woven labels do, meaning small text and designs may not be suitable. Secondly, there are limited options available for ground colour with your options being black, white, cream or silver.


The final choice of woven label quality is taffeta. Similar to satin labels, they are not suitable for finer designs but offer an inexpensive label for bolder, simple designs.

Taffeta labels do also not offer the soft feel that you get with damask or satin so are commonly used for external branding of outerwear and accessories rather than as an internal label that could be in contact with the skin. As with damask woven labels, there are no restrictions with colour with us matching to Pantone references.

Damask Woven Label

Damask Woven Label

Satin Woven Label

Satin Woven Label

Tafetta Woven Label

Taffeta Woven Label

The size of your label will depend on a number of factors such as:


Depending on how detailed your design is and how intricate different elements are, your label will need to be a suitable size to ensure the design can be reproduced clearly.


If you need additional information on your label such as size information or wash/care instructions, then the label needs to be large enough to carry this information.


Size will also be determined by what items the labels are being used on and where they are being used. Primarily labels are used as neck labels in garments, but smaller labels are often used as seam tabs or cuff tabs.

The maximum width we are able to produce for a woven label is 430mm and the minimum width is 7mm so there should be no problem meeting any requirements.

Damask Woven Label

Large woven label

Woven Care and Size Label

Small care and size labels

The majoirty of designs are workable for woven labels with both text and logo elements being able to be recreated. Bolder text and designs tend to work better but with higher densities, fine text can be reproduced to a good standard.

The maximum number of colours we can produce on a woven label is 12. Colours can be provided as TPX Pantones and closest matching yarns are then used.

pantone colours
Damask Woven Label

Damask Woven Label

Cut and fold options available include:

Straight Cut

Label is cut and edges are heat sealed.

End Fold

Label is folded at left and right hand sides.

Mitre Fold

Label edges are folded under and up to create a tab.

Centre Fold

Label is folded in the middle for sewing into a seam.

Manhattan Fold

Label is folded at the top and centre.

The minimum order quantity for woven labels is 1,000pcs. We can also produce smaller quantities of size labels (500pcs per option).

Better unit prices can be achieved with higher quantities so it is often worth asking for prices for a range of quantities to achieve greater value.

If you would like a quotation or would like to disucss your woven label options further, please contact us below.

If you want to see examples of our woven labels, visit our woven labels page.

Artwork Files

For woven labels, we accept artwork in the following file formats.


For vector files ensure all text is created to outlines.

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